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Robert Pfeffer

born 1966 in Cologne and now living in nearby Bergisch Gladbach, married, no children. Since 1987, as a civil servant of the upper non-technical administrative service at the city of Cologne, I am involved in improving public welfare, current work in the building supervision department. I have a small team responsible for archiving 6000 - 8000 files a year.

I used to love playing badminton. Since 2008 I am infected with the Golf-virus. In addition, my free time is dedicated to writing short stories and storytelling on the stage. Currently I am one half of the duo "Partnerlausch" touring all over Germany with a story show.

I have been following the development of the stove makers since the beginning.  It is something very important for me, although my contribution was very modest so far. Being a civil servant, my manual skills will never be enough to build an oven on my own; all the more a pleasure to support the organization as a member of the board.

E-mail: robert.pfeffer@ofenmacher.org