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Like an Accolade

Federal Cross of Merit for Christa Drigalla

Despite the general conditions that were still influenced by Corona, it was a very solemn moment when our association member Christa Drigalla was presented with the Federal Cross of Merit on May 11 in Kiel by Prime Minister Daniel Günther. Christa has been involved in and for Nepal since 1998. She developed the idea of having smoke-free clay stoves built in rural households. The continuation of this impulse ultimately led to the establishment of our organisation. Die Ofenmacher congratulate Christa with joy and pride on this extraordinary honor.

Read more about this in our newsletter.

Ofenmacher on the Radio

Radio FreeFM from Ulm did an hour-long interview with Christa Drigalla, co-founder of Die Ofenmacher. Christa tells of the time before Ofenmacher, when she had the first stoves built in Nepal, and how the first projects and the foundation came about. The report on the current work is not neglected either.

The program aired on 31st March 2021. You can find the podcast of the interview here.

Sit Outside under Patio Heaters in Winter - with Compensation

The risk of infection by corona viruses is lower outdoors than in closed rooms. The idea was to enable the restaurants to operate outdoors even during the cold season by temporarily allowing patio heaters. However, the CO2 emissions should at least be offset by donations to a climate protection project, in this case Die Ofenmacher. This was implemented in Ingolstadt, but unfortunately the project fell victim to the tightened corona measures. Maybe we can come back to it in spring.

Read the full Article in the Donaukurier from 23.10.2020

A Christmas present from Santa Claus

Münchner Merkur, Ebersberger Zeitung, 21st Dec. 2018: Die Ofenmacher must have been very good this year. Nicholas has decided to pass on this year's donations, which he receives during his missions in the community of Vaterstetten, to Die Ofenmacher. Many thanks to our member Christian Peter, close intimate of Santa!

Deadly Danger in Developing Countries

Many poor people in the Third World are cooking on an open fire. But soot and smoke in the huts have dramatic consequences. The World Health Organization estimates that about 3.5 million people die each year.

Radio broadcast by BR2 about the problems of open fire cooking in developing countries.

Partnership with the City of Pfaffenhofen

Report in the Pfaffenhofener Kurier from 5/5/2017: The town of Pfaffenhofen and Die Ofenmacher have entered into a three-year partnership: Pfaffenhofen compensates for its carbon dioxide emissions from heating and hot water in the years 2016-2018 with certificates from Die Ofenmacher.

Third place in the competition "Good example" of BR2

In this year's competition "Good example" of the Bavarian Rundfunk, Die Ofenmacher occupied the third set. Among more than 500 applicants, They were placed among the top 5 by the jury and then elected to third place by public vote.

Press release

Die Ofenmacher at Radio free FM

Interview with members Katharina und Frank at 31st March 2016 in the radio station Radio free FM in Ulm

Donation to offset CO2 emissions

Prolignis Energie Consulting donated 15oo Euros to the Ofenmacher offseting the complete CO2 emissions of their business activies in 2015 (A report, in German, can be found in the Donaukurier issue 16th March 2016)

Monitoring in Nepal

Tobias Federle, manager of the monitoring team in Nepal prepared a video on the field working practice and the beauty of rural Nepal.

Memorandum of Understanding for 2015

The Stovemakers and Swastha Chulo Nepal have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the administration of the Gulmi district.  The MoU covers construction of more than 7 000 smoke-free stoves in Gulmi in 2015.   With this document the planning for 2015 is complete and agreed.
Focus of the activities is environmental protection in the districts of  Kavre-Palachok, Dolakha and Ramechhap as well as in Gulmi. Altogether we plan to build 13 000 new stoves in 2015.

D-Youth Football Team Oberessen Achieves a Top Score for the Stovemakers

During his time working at the hospital in Amppipal Markus Walder treated many children who had suffered severe burns in open cooking fires. Amppipal belongs to one of our project areas in the Gorkha district; so  Markus saw how clay stoves to help avoid such injuries.

Upon returning to Germany Markus had an idea to help the Stovemakers. Thanks to a generous donation from a private sponsor and the support of the players and parents of the D-youth football team of VfB Oberessen the team's football shirts now carry the Stovemaker logo!

Apart from being proud to advertise for our non-profit work the youth team also hosted an event to raise funds for the Stovemakers. During an open day (the "Hertmannsweiler Erlebnistage") on September 28th they organised a football games and charged guests one Euro to compete. The takings were donated to the Stovemakers. Motivated by the success of their fundraising the youth team went on to win a friendly match against the D-youth of Hertmannsweiler 5:0!

We Stovemakers are very proud of to have such enthusiastic support from young people. We wish the D-youth Oberessen success both in their further fundraising and of course on the pitch! Also the families who have safer and healthier lives thanks to having smokefree cooking stoves with the help of your donations a sincerely thank you!

For German readers see to the report in  Stuttgarter Zeitung of  14th August 2014

20.000 Stoves

At the end of April a milestone was reached.  In April we reported having built more than  20.000 stoves in Nepal!   That means around 120.000 people have safe, healthy cooking stoves - roughtly the population of cities like Wolfsburg or Fürth.  The Ofenmacher thank everyone who contributed to reaching this goal.

We are committed to increasing stove installations in future.  For this we continue to count on your support.

End of the first training in Ethiopia

The first stove-maker training in Ethiopia has been successfully completed.    Eighteen graduates received their certificates after two weeks of pratical and theoretical training.

Now they will start work  in Alem Ketema and the surrounding area. The Ofenmacher wish them luck and success in their new jobs.  May they provide many households with safe, healthy cooking stoves!

Report on Ethiopian Pilot Project

The German newspaper Wochenblatt printed a report on our pilot project in Ethiopia from the perspective of one of the participants.

Based on the success of the pilot and the positive feedbacks received the decision has been reached to start a pilot training for stove builders in Ethiopia in April.

2013 A Great Year!

2013 was the Stovemakers' most successful year to date!  Last year 4959 stoves were built bringing the grand total to 16696 stoves.

The start of the project in Gulmi and the ramp up of production in Kenya and Ethiopia were further milestones in our growth. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed towards these successes in 2013!  We wish you a happy new year and look forward to continuing the success story in 2014!

Ofenlösungen für Äthiopien

Im September, Oktober und November waren wir in Alem Katema, der "Welt-Stadt" im Hochland von Äthiopien.
Die Stadt ist ca. eine halbe Tagesreise mit dem Bus von der Hauptstadt Addis Abeba entfernt und hat etwa 20.000 Einwohner. Die Umgebung ist bergig und die Landschaft wunderschön.
Alem Katema selbst liegt auf einer Höhe von 2200 m. Das Klima war während unserer Zeit dort sehr angenehm zwischen 15 und 30 °C. Im Oktober und November ist Trockenzeit in Äthiopien. Die Flüsse der Umgebung haben sich hier tief ins äthiopische Hochland gefressen und formen eine sehr schöne und abwechslungsreiche Landschaft mit tiefen Gräben und steilen Felswänden, welche in Stufen immer wieder kleine Plateaus bilden. Jeder noch so kleine und unzugängliche Fleck Erde wird landwirtschaftlich genutzt. In Äthiopien gibt es mehrere Völker.

A Stove for Ethiopia

Injera is the main dish of the Ethiopians.  It is a flat bread made from teff wheat, prepared on a special hot-plate of around 60cm (2ft) Diameter, the socalled Met'ab.
The Nepalese stove design is not suitable for Injera.  Christoph, an experienced stove maker, designed a new stove especially for Ethiopia.  The new stove can be used both to bake Injera and to cook.
A few days ago we fired up the prototye for the first time.  It works perfectly.  The Stovemakers were there could enjoy crêpes made on the provisional hot-plate.
The stove will be tested in Alem Katema in Ethiopia starting in September.   If it works well the roll out across Ethiopia can start.

Stovemakers on the road

Andrea, the editor of our newsletter presented us with a video as her "housewarming present".
With scenes from our outpost in Kathmandu as well as from daily life in the Nepalese hills it gives an impression of the work of the Stovemakers.

Elias has a Jiko

In March 2013 Erias was the first person in Kenya to receive a clay oven in the Nepalese style.

A few days after Installation Erias reported enthusiastically of his new stove called "Jiko". Altogether 7 pilot stoves were made.  All have served perfectly for the past two months.  Eria's enthusiasm was confirmed by the others.

After this successful pilot it is certain that we will start training the first stove makers in Kenya this year.

Smoke-free cooking stoves for Africa

The decision has been made!
The executive commitee and the members meeting approved the proposal to help provide smoke-free cooking stoves in Ethiopia and Kenia.

In the last weeks a preliminary investigation was completed in Ethiopia. First pilot stoves were installed in Kenia. In both cases the results were very encouraging.

The next steps will be planned according to the conditions in each country: For Ethiopia the stove design has to be adapted to the cooking methods prevalent there. The existing design can be used unchanged in Kenia. The first stovemakers will be trained shortly.